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MyLab Five

An open-platform system for today's users demands combined with an extreme portability. This represents the MyLab™Five - the ease of use, powerful and compact ultrasound scanner equipped with technologies and solutions to meet any clinical need: radiology, cardiology, women healthcare, vascular, anesthesia, musculoskeletal, rheumatology, urology, emergency & critical care.

MyLab™ 30CV

MyLab™30CV is the perfect combination of size and performance. It offers the portability and adaptability needed in today’s clinical environment without compromising the clinical performance necessary to provide the highest levels of patient care.

Some other features found on MyLab30 CV include:

  • XStrain - 2D Strain and Strain Rate imaging
  • Multiple digital management choices - DICOM, multimedia, native format
  • Integrated CD/DVD writer, RJ 45 port and USB port for transferring clinical data
  • Windows® platform
  • Ergonomic design and workflow


Premium performance with portability is today a reality with the MyLab™30Gold Cardiovascular: a powerful redesigned platform in cardiovascular ultrasound, the premium-performance mobile ultrasound system now within reach.

It represents the state of the art in terms of technologies and diagnostic capabilities in cardiovascular ultrasound: B-mode image optimization, advanced and innovative functional modalities, coherent review station for archiving and post-processing operations. In one only concept, high performance and reliability on top of compactness and portability.

MyLab™ 40

The MyLab™40 Family wide range of available broadband transducers and advanced technologies allows the user to choose the best probe for every abdominal, small parts, musculoskeletal, breast, ob/gyn, urology, cardiology and vascular examinations, producing exceptional high-resolution and artifact-free images.

Esaote designs its ultrasound systems to be an integral part of a digital ultrasound department and not only a stand-alone piece of equipment. Therefore, the MyLab™40 Family offers a direct connection to external workstations both in Windows® and DICOM environments.

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