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CR Systems

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Kodak Point-of-Care 120

The Kodak Point-of-Care CR 120 System is ideal for a wide range of computed radiography examinations in specialty practices such as chiropractors, podiatrists,and orthopaedists.

Kodak Point-of-Care CR 140

The Kodak Point-of-Care CR 140 System is ideal for computed radiography examinations in busy clinics and specialty practices such as chiropractors, podiatrists, and orthopedists.

Kodak Point-of-Care 260

The Kodak Point-of-Care CR 260 System is an Affordable computed radiography solution for medium-size healthcare facilities and clinics.

Kodak Point-of-Care CR 360

The KODAK Point-of-Care CR 360 System is the next generation in computed radiography solutions designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare facilities and clinics.

Radlink CR Pro 2100

The CR Pro™ is a high-productivity, small footprint, 16 bit CR system designed for all primary diagnostic radiology applications. The CR Pro™ is fully automatic and accepts a variety of cassette sizes.

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