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iMagic, Do More!


iMagic is an image management and reporting system that interfaces with any analog ultrasound machine through a video cable.

Besides DICOM conversion of still and multi-frame images like cine loops, it receives them from digital ultrasound machines that are DICOM 3.0 enabled.

Image manipulation and post-processing, CD/DVD recording with built-in viewer, DICOM/Windows printing, exporting images to JPEG, BMP and PNG and directly to Power Point presentations, and to obtain statistical information are also possible.


Patient & Study Information
iMagic’s single-screen interface allows you to add patient & study information more easily and systematically, correlate the information with the images acquired during the scan, ease of reporting & archival.

Image Acquisition
With iMagic's image capture interface & footswitch integration, you can capture single-frame images & sequences from non-DICOM ultrasound machines, while a plug-in allows DICOM systems to be seamlessly integrated into iMagic.

Image Viewing & Processing
The iMagic Viewer is a unified image display and processing interface, with a thumbnail gallery that allows easy access to single frames and sequences. It includes a standard set of image editing tools which can be used to highlight and annotate important aspects of the images. Users can tag key images & frames, insert footnotes and add comments to these images, facilitating quicker & more accurate reporting.

User-defined Reporting Templates
The Reporting system enables you to customize reports to suit the specific needs of your imaging center.

Comprehensive Search Utility
iMagic allows you to retrieve stored information based on patient details ( Name, ID, Date, etc.), study type, referral doctor etc. through a built-in query engine. It also provides statistical data for analyzing center-specific productivity details and clinical querying through key images and final impressions.

Multiple Distribution Options
iMagic provides the ability to distribute study images & reports in a variety of formats through Windows printing, CD writing and Email. Users can also export images to Microsoft PowerPoint, and to local folders in other image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Capture single-frame images and sequences.
  • View images & perform basic editing.
  • Report on the study and print for distribution.
  • Tag key images for grouping and quick reference.
  • Directly export images to PowerPoint presentations.
  • Compare images across patients & visits.
  • Obtain referral trends and statistical information on study types

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