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Infinitt 3D Viewer

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Infinitt 3D Viewer


INFINITT's web-based enterprise wide 3D is built using the latest available technology.
It offers the fastest CT & MR visualization of 3D images as well as comprehensive image
analysis and measurement tools.


Anywhere anytime application
  • Purely web-based solution with fast image loading technology provides 3D based diagnosis from any location.
  • This web-based system allows automatic software updates from a centralized location for fast and transparent deployment.
Faster Diagnosis
  • Support for 64bit Operation Systems greatly enhances the image processing speed of today’s huge data sets.
  • Using advanced compression techniques large CT/MR studies can be loaded with minimal bandwidth.
  • GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) supports accelerated post processing for large volumetric studies.
  • With just one click users can switch from 2D to 3D providing multi-planar reformats on the fly.
Advanced Tool Set
  • Provides a variety of standard functions such as 2D editing and segmentation, MPR (freehand, curved, double oblique, batch, etc.), 3D volume rendering, MIP/MinIP, and Endoscopy views.
  • Editing and segmentation tools are designed to effectively remove and analyze any anatomical structures.
  • Convenient measurement functions provide valuable information for interventionalists and surgeons.
Treatment planning and evaluation

INFINITT 3D is equipped with a variety of functions to facilitate accurate length and angle measurements in preparation for stent graph surgery.

Key Benefits

  • GPU provides fast access to large volumetric studies and accelerates post-processing steps & rendering speed
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Virtual Colonoscopy, Vessel Analysis, Calcium Scoring, Brain Angio Subtraction
  • Advanced hanging protocols and linking of different views
  • Tools for treatment planning and evaluation – length & angle measurements for pre-operative planning

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