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PhoeniX Plus capture

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PhoeniX Plus: Video Capture + Archive + Diagnostic Viewer


Phoenix is a multi-purpose DICOM converter with a long term archive and a full diagnostic Viewer. It allows you to capture images and video sequences from any analog equipment like: CT, MRI, C-Arms, Fluoroscopy, Endoscopy, and Nuclear Medicine, etc., and convert them to the DICOM 3.0 format.

It is also able to convert non-DICOM images stored locally including JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc, Scan documents and Digitize film. Once digitized, images are automatically stored in the local long term archive and can be sent to a PACS server, recorded to CD/DVD/USB, or printed on film or paper.

Once images or videos are converted to DICOM, they are automatically saved in the local database for long term archival and available to be diagnosed in full diagnostic quality with the included viewer.

How does it work?

  • Add new patient or select a patient by querying from a Worklist server or RIS/HIS.
  • Capture from any Non-DICOM modality or Scan documents/Medical films or import JPG, BMP, DICOM files stored locally.
  • When the study is completed, images are automatically saved in the local long term archive.
  • Review images in full diagnostic quality with the built in DICOM Viewer.


  • Query/Retrieve
    Query and retrieve patient information from a DICOM server or a modality worklist server.
  • View patient documents side-by-side with DICOM images
    Accepts scanned physician reports, technical notes, etc from TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • Convert JPG, BMP or PNG files to DICOM
    Import non-DICOM images including JPG, BMP or PNG files that are stored locally.
  • Push DICOM images stored outside the PACS
    Import DICOM files stored locally and push to PACS.
  • Edit DICOM header information
    Import DICOM files from anywhere and edit selected header information prior to sending.
  • Temporary local storage of converted DICOM files
    Store converted DICOM images temporarily when the network is down and you are unable to push images to PACS server.
  • Import images from TWAIN complaint digital cameras
    Connect twain complaint cameras directly to the system and import all medical images stored.
  • Auto generate study and series UIDs
    Easy workflow to reduce manual intervention.
  • Attach images to a particular study already on your PACS
    Query from a particular DICOM server, select the patient to which you want to add the converted DICOM images.
  • Accepts scanned films from film digitizers
    Interfaces with Vidar film digitizer to accept scanned films.
  • Image review tools – Zoom, pan, line, arrow, text, contrast, brightness, etc.
    Manipulate images before sending it to PACS server.
  • Crop or de-skew images before pushing to PACS server
    User can remove unwanted areas and correct scanning errors made, when documents are placed in a tilted position.

Archive and Viewer

Study Manager
  • Sort based on patient parameters.
  • Split a study/series. NEW!
  • Merge Studies/series. NEW!
  • Send selected studies from the local database to remote node.
  • Display of reporting status for studies in the local database.
  • Identification of archived studies (offline) from the local archive. NEW!
  • Instantly prepare report for selected study.
  • One click CD/DVD creation with multiple study selection.
  • Download selected studies in the background from a remote node to the local
    archive. NEW!
  • Pre-defined filters for easy access to required studies. Eg: All CT studies today, All female CR studies, etc.
  • Advanced search options based on Name, ID, study range, modality, etc.
  • Query from multiple servers or local archive.
  • Load DICOM and DICOM DIR files stored locally.
Image display functions
  • Series Synchronization. NEW!
  • Key images. NEW!
  • Drag and drop series for display of images.
  • Multiple viewing matrixes for comparison of multiple image series.
  • Thumbnail preview for image series.
  • Display of scout lines.
  • Display images in ascending or descending order for CT/MR series.
  • Define image layout and overlay parameters based on modality.
  • View DICOM tags.
  • Select DICOM attributes that need to be displayed in the DICOM images.
  • Differentiation of single frame images and multi frame images display based on border thickness.
Image processing functions
  • Image stitching. NEW!
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA). NEW!
  • Window level – manual and presets mode.
  • Zoom,Pan, flip, rotate, invert image.
  • Hounsfield value for CT images.
  • ROI zoom.
  • Hide/show DICOM overlays.
  • Image histogram.
  • Image sharpness and enhancement tool.
  • Customizable toolbar based on modality.
  • Save the Presentation states.
  • Video processing tools.
  • Line,arrow, rectangle ellipse and text annotation.
  • Free hand drawing.
  • Linear,Angular and Area measurements.
  • Export images as JPG, BMP, DICOM files or to PPT.
  • Save images in series as AVI file with compression.
Multi monitor support and hanging protocol
  • Supports upto 6 monitors.
  • Configurable hanging protocol. NEW!
  • Screen and viewport configuration. NEW!
  • Burn CD/DVD with embedded viewer.
  • Burn multi patient CD/DVD.
  • Embedded viewer includes image essential image processing tools.
  • Burn CD/DVD using Rimage or Primera or local CD/DVD writer.
  • Configure multiple DICOM printers.
  • Highly customizable image layout to include images from multiple patients.
  • Image processing tools in the print composer include zoom, pan, window level, shutter.
  • Select film size and orientation (Portrait or Landscape).
  • Make reporting notes. NEW!
  • Categorize reports based on study type. NEW!
  • Multiple Versions of Reports for each study. NEW!
  • User defined customizable report templates.
  • Multiple report templates for each study.
  • Customizable report header to include center name, logo, address, etc.
  • Finalization of report to prevent further changes being made to it.
  • Print images using pre-defined layouts through Windows based printers.
Administration module
  • Housekeeping module. NEW!
  • Backup of Configuration settings . NEW!
  • Configure AE title and port number for store server and query server.
  • Create multiple users with different access rights (Doctor or Technician).
DICOM functions
  • DICOM operations supported include C-Echo, C-GET, C-Move, C-FIND, C-Store.
  • Supports commonly used SOP classes.
DICOM Router functions
  • Facility to route studies to different nodes based pre-defined rules.
  • Create rule condition for receiving images based AE title, IP address, modality, uration, DICOM attribute, etc.
STORE Management
  • Backup module. NEW!
  • Schedule backup (Archive and Database). NEW!
  • Facility to set Modality based storage settings.
  • Apply compression at the time of receiving images based on modality – JPEG 2000, JPEG Lossless, JPEG lossy, etc.
  • Facility to set the path for the volume and set it as a default volume.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • All in one solution, Video Capture, long term archive, full diagnostic Viewer
  • Attractive and easy to use GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Save the cost of upgrading a non-DICOM modality.
  • Include non-imaging data by interfacing document scanners and film digitizers to a PACS environment.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by querying patient information from a DICOM server or a modality worklist server.

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