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PhoeniX, versatile DICOM converter

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PhoeniX, Versatile DICOM Converter


PhoeniX is a multi-purpose DICOM converter. It allows you to capture images and video sequences from any analog equipment like: CT, MRI, C-Arms, Fluoroscopy, Endoscopy, and Nuclear Medicine, etc., and convert them to the DICOM 3.0 format.

It is also able to convert non-DICOM (analog) images stored locally including JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc, Scan documents and Digitize film. Once digitized, images can be sent to a PACS server, recorded to CD/DVD/USB, or printed on film or paper.

How does it work?

  • Add new patient or select a patient by querying from a Worklist server or RIS/HIS.
  • Capture from any Non-DICOM modality or Scan documents/Medical films or import JPG, BMP, DICOM files stored locally.
  • Review and edit images.
  • Select desired images/sequences and send to PACS.


  • Query/Retrieve
    Query and retrieve patient information from a DICOM server or a modality worklist server.
  • View patient documents side-by-side with DICOM images
    Accepts scanned physician reports, technical notes, etc from TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • Convert JPG, BMP or PNG files to DICOM
    Import non-DICOM images including JPG, BMP or PNG files that are stored locally.
  • Push DICOM images stored outside the PACS
    Import DICOM files stored locally and push to PACS.
  • Edit DICOM header information
    Import DICOM files from anywhere and edit selected header information prior to sending.
  • Temporary local storage of converted DICOM files
    Store converted DICOM images temporarily when the network is down and you are unable to push images to PACS server.
  • Import images from TWAIN complaint digital cameras
    Connect twain complaint cameras directly to the system and import all medical images stored.
  • Auto generate study and series UIDs
    Easy workflow to reduce manual intervention.
  • Attach images to a particular study already on your PACS
    Query from a particular DICOM server, select the patient to which you want to add the converted DICOM images.
  • Accepts scanned films from film digitizers
    Interfaces with Vidar film digitizer to accept scanned films.
  • Image review tools – Zoom, pan, line, arrow, text, contrast, brightness, etc.
    Manipulate images before sending it to PACS server.
  • Crop or de-skew images before pushing to PACS server
    User can remove unwanted areas and correct scanning errors made, when documents are placed in a tilted position.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Attractive and easy to use GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Save the cost of upgrading a non-DICOM modality.
  • Include non-imaging data by interfacing document scanners and film digitizers to a PACS environment.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by querying patient information from a DICOM server or a modality worklist server.
  • Distribution in standard media: USB, CD/DVD Recorders

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