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Multi-Purpose Digital X-ray Capture system


The AIMZ 200 helps you maximize productivity and quality every step of the way. Converting to Digital X-Ray diagnosis workflow and productivity is fast, easy, and cost effective with the AIMZ 200. This solution features the total DR Upgrade capturing system, which simply sets up into both your table and wall stand Bucky, or can be used for tabletop projections, as like in a conventional film Bucky.

"Easy Connect", "Easy Synchronize", and "Quick Start"
Non-invasively and Quick interfacing with your X-Ray generator

The AIMZ 200 can synchronize with your X-Ray generator for exposure control non-invasively.



AIMZ 200 Specifications
Usage General radiography and Film Bucky Up-Grade
Sensor a-Si TFT array Flat Panel Detector)
Effective Line and Pixel> 3001 X 3001 (Over 9 Million pixels)
Active capture size Automatic sizing up to 17 x 17 inch (43 x 43 cm)
A/D 14 bits
Preview image access time* Approx. 1.7 seconds
Interface DICOM 3.0, Giga bits Ethernet(1000/100/10)
DICOM DICOM 3.0, Windows Printer support, DICOM Printer Support, and others
Voltage 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Bucky unit : Approx. 50VA maximum
Environment -20°C ~ 70°C, 15% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions (W x L x T) Bucky unit : 620 x 620 x 70 mm / 560 x 560 x 55 mm
Weight Bucky unit : 17Kg ( without Grid )
Zview Console Human image processing Engine Console

* Actual times may differ due to various factors.

User Options
Fixed Grid Carbon Fiber type, over 200 lines / inch, various SID and ratio
Bucky Stand Upright Stand, Universal Stand
Mobile Table 4 wheels mobile Table
Workstation Windows base OS and LCD monitor
PACS Full package PACS
Medical Monitor 5M, 3M B/W LCD Monitor

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Retrofit System. You can use your existing X-Ray machine.
  • Digital Radiography does not require any film, film developers or processors, chemicals, darkroom, film storage or and any disposal expenses.
  • Eliminate the need for processing protocols associated with film and CR.
  • Since Digital Radiography (DR) captures and convert an x-ray image into digital format within seconds of the exposure, the technologist can quickly preview each digitized image for quality assurance prior to completion of the exam procedure.
  • DR provides the opportunity for more expedient patient-exam flow, fewer repeat exams, increase room use, and reduced cost.
  • Digital Radiography systems enhance workflow through networked distribution of the diagnostic images. A digitized image can be transmitted electronically for diagnosis via reading on a workstation monitor or for printing on film as well as for electronic storage.

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