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RADiON Viewer


RADiON is a standalone multi-modality DICOM workstation solution that is highly affordable and is powered by a robust store server and query engine. Incorporated with a feature rich 2D & 3D viewer and a powerful template based reporting module, RADiON is the ideal primary diagnostic workstation for any Imaging facility.

RADiON is also packed with multiple study distribution options including a customizable DICOM print composer and an intuitive CD/DVD writing functionality that can interface with an automatic disc publishing system. With a built-in industry standard rule-based routing functionality, RADiON can also be used in a Teleradiology environment.


Study Manager
  • Sort based on patient parameters.
  • Split a study/series. NEW!
  • Merge Studies/series. NEW!
  • Send selected studies from the local database to remote node.
  • Display of reporting status for studies in the local database.
  • Identification of archived studies (offline) from the local archive. NEW!
  • Instantly prepare report for selected study.
  • One click CD/DVD creation with multiple study selection.
  • Download selected studies in the background from a remote node to the local
    archive. NEW!
  • Pre-defined filters for easy access to required studies. Eg: All CT studies today, All female CR studies, etc.
  • Advanced search options based on Name, ID, study range, modality, etc.
  • Query from multiple servers or local archive.
  • Load DICOM and DICOM DIR files stored locally.
Image display functions
  • Series Synchronization. NEW!
  • Key images. NEW!
  • Drag and drop series for display of images.
  • Multiple viewing matrixes for comparison of multiple image series.
  • Thumbnail preview for image series.
  • Display of scout lines.
  • Display images in ascending or descending order for CT/MR series.
  • Define image layout and overlay parameters based on modality.
  • View DICOM tags.
  • Select DICOM attributes that need to be displayed in the DICOM images.
  • Differentiation of single frame images and multi frame images display based on border thickness.
Image processing functions
  • Image stitching. NEW!
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA). NEW!
  • Window level – manual and presets mode.
  • Zoom,Pan, flip, rotate, invert image.
  • Hounsfield value for CT images.
  • ROI zoom.
  • Hide/show DICOM overlays.
  • Image histogram.
  • Image sharpness and enhancement tool.
  • Customizable toolbar based on modality.
  • Save the Presentation states.
  • Video processing tools.
  • Line,arrow, rectangle ellipse and text annotation.
  • Free hand drawing.
  • Linear,Angular and Area measurements.
  • Export images as JPG, BMP, DICOM files or to PPT.
  • Save images in series as AVI file with compression.
Multi monitor support and hanging protocol
  • Supports upto 6 monitors.
  • Configurable hanging protocol. NEW!
  • Screen and viewport configuration. NEW!
  • Burn CD/DVD with embedded viewer.
  • Burn multi patient CD/DVD.
  • Embedded viewer includes image essential image processing tools.
  • Burn CD/DVD using Rimage or Primera or local CD/DVD writer.
  • Configure multiple DICOM printers.
  • Highly customizable image layout to include images from multiple patients.
  • Image processing tools in the print composer include zoom, pan, window level, shutter.
  • Select film size and orientation (Portrait or Landscape).
  • Make reporting notes. NEW!
  • Categorize reports based on study type. NEW!
  • Multiple Versions of Reports for each study. NEW!
  • User defined customizable report templates.
  • Multiple report templates for each study.
  • Customizable report header to include center name, logo, address, etc.
  • Finalization of report to prevent further changes being made to it.
  • Print images using pre-defined layouts through Windows based printers.
Administration module
  • Housekeeping module. NEW!
  • Backup of Configuration settings . NEW!
  • Configure AE title and port number for store server and query server.
  • Create multiple users with different access rights (Doctor or Technician).
DICOM functions
  • DICOM operations supported include C-Echo, C-GET, C-Move, C-FIND, C-Store.
  • Supports commonly used SOP classes.
DICOM Router functions
  • Facility to route studies to different nodes based pre-defined rules.
  • Create rule condition for receiving images based AE title, IP address, modality, uration, DICOM attribute, etc.
STORE Management
  • Backup module. NEW!
  • Schedule backup (Archive and Database). NEW!
  • Facility to set Modality based storage settings.
  • Apply compression at the time of receiving images based on modality – JPEG 2000, JPEG Lossless, JPEG lossy, etc.
  • Facility to set the path for the volume and set it as a default volume.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective. No other software solution offers so much at such great value.
  • RADiON combines multiple applications to bring you one great product. With its template based reporting solution, interface to Rimage or Primera for CD/DVD distribution, rule-based router to act as a DICOM gateway, users get more than just a DICOM workstation.
  • RADiON provides user-level customization. Every clinician can independently define his toolbar tools, toolbar position, image overlays, image layout and save them as a predefined setting for their login. RADiON adapts readily to the clinician’s unique style of accessing/reading the images.
  • RADiON’s unique DICOM print composer lets users customize layouts to contain images of different sizes and/or mask certain regions for print.
  • The Windows print option allows clinicians to print images using standard Windows-based printers.
  • We offer you a free 30-day trial of the full version (available for download) so that you get a feel of the product.
  • The software has multiple pre-defined search filters to access images.
  • Compression functionality to store images on the local disk.
  • RADiON is an FDA 510 (k) cleared application and is available via a simple online purchasing module.

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