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DICOM Solutions

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Video to DICOM
Imaging Centers and Hospitals often need to convert their analog (non-DICOM) medical modalities to DICOM. Having your studies in DICOM format allows for the information to be easily stored, recorded on CD to share with patients, referring physicians and colleagues and also used for medical education.

Our products allow converting any non-DICOM (analog) medical modality to the DICOM format. Once created, the digital study can be sent to PACS, recorded to different media like CD/DVD/USB, and printed to film or paper. Our solutions can be purchased for a small fraction of the cost of a modality upgrade.

Film to DICOM
Bridge the gap between traditional film images and PACS. Our system converts film-based radiographic images to digital for easy softcopy comparison of priors with existing X-Ray images.

Once digitized, the diagnostic images can be easily stored and retrieved from existing PACS systems and accessed from multiple workstations to improve workflow.

Paper to DICOM
Why limit your PACS/RIS to just DICOM images?
Why not add more clarity to your DICOM studies with reports, comments, additional information as well as non-DICOM data?
Use PhoeniX to scan radiology and non-radiology reports, referral notes, case sheets, etc. and add them to the imaging study. You can then view them from within your PACS.

Our affordable family of DICOM CD/DVD Recording Stations, has been designed with a user friendly interface, allowing the user to create CD/DVDs across the DICOM network from the different modalities, workstations and PACS servers.

Since it is integrated with an automatic disc publishing system it allows printing a custom designed label on top of the CD/DVD.

The abilities and features of TITUS will help you reduce film costs and make your workflow faster and more efficient.

DICOM Viewers
The DICOM Viewer represents perhaps one of the most significant developments in the medical imaging field. It allows you to look and manipulate medical digital images in a computer screen. Not only are the images much clearer, but the process far more cost-effective, as the digital images do not require expensive darkrooms and associated toxic chemicals.

DICOM viewers allow you to see medical digital images, which can include X-rays, mammographies, MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, dental images and others, from any DICOM modality instantly when you receive them or retrieve them from your digital archive. No more waiting for patient films to be mailed or delivered to your office, because that turnaround time has been eliminated through the use of DICOM viewers and digital imaging.

DICOM Web viewers on the other hand provide instant access to these images from any computer connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. The use of digital imaging and DICOM viewers leads to a much improved turnaround time on patient diagnosis, which translates into better patient care.

We offer top-performing DICOM viewers at much lower costs. Choose among our multiple advanced DICOM viewers.

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