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TITUS - Smart DICOM Distributor


Titus is a versatile media creator for small and high volume imaging centers that allows users to create CDs/DVDs from across the enterprise for digital film distribution or archival purposes. With Titus, users get multiple benefits - from saving costs on printing films and image storage to improving the image of the organization.

Why is Titus a smart choice?

  • Titus has the ability to receive and query/retrieve DICOM studies from multiple DICOM sources including modality, Server, Viewer or Workstation. It can create custom CD/DVD encompassing multiple patients which is conformant to DICOM 3.0 standard part 10.
  • Titus has a local archive for storage of received DICOM media.
  • A pre-PACS solution - Going digital is a tough decision in terms of workflow changes and migrating historical data. With Titus the transition becomes much simpler as all data stored is DICOM conformant.
  • Conforms to industry standards Including DICOM standard part 10.
  • Disc creation from anywhere in the imaging center - directly from modality, DICOM server or viewer.
  • Disc creation based on multiple local AE title
  • Automatically write to CD/DVD
  • Send to local archive for later job creation
  • Anonymize patient information and automatically create a CD/DVD
  • Fully automated


Local database to store All Jobs
Job Creation
  • Allow multiple users to create jobs concurrently
  • Cue jobs based on priority
  • Option to change priority based on rules or manually
  • Receive jobs from any DICOM modality,
  • DICOM viewer or PACS
  • Track Job creation status
  • Create Multi-patient CD/DVD
  • Query/Retrieve from any DICOM node
  • Advanced/Pre-defined search parameters
Media Burning
  • Embedded DICOM viewer
  • Option to add third party viewer
  • Display institution logo when viewer opens
  • Auto Select media depending on size of job
  • Anonymize patient information
  • Auto span of job into multi CD/DVD
  • Configure label based on DICOM information or use general format
  • User defined labeling
Housekeeping and Security
  • Auto deletion of patient from local database based on time/date or hard drive watermarking
  • Maintains application log file for easy troubleshooting
  • Track CD/DVD recipient
User Management
  • Create multiple-users with different access rights
  • Statistical usage reports - Daily, weekly, monthly basis

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Fully Automated
  • Easy to configure, deploy and maintain
  • Workflow simplification
  • Reduction in costs
  • Saves time – Save the time of moving around DICOM nodes to create Jobs.
  • Highly flexible.

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