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Orthopedic PACS

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Infinitt Orthopaedics PACS


Infinitt Orthopedic PACS is an all in one solution designed for orthopedic applications. It provides access to digital orthopedic images for diagnosis, comparison & analysis, surgical planning, archiving, reporting and distribution.


Infinitt Orthopedic PACS has three modules: Infinitt PACS, Digital Templating and EMR which are offered as individual modules or as all-in-one solution.

  • Infinitt PACs viewer provides all the powerful imaging tools available and can be customized specifically for your needs and viewing preferences.
  • Infinitt’s Digital Templating is powered by Orthoview, the world’s leading orthopedic digital planning solution.
    • Offering pre-operative planning and templating for joint replacement and trauma procedures, Orthoview provides a comprehensive set of tools for general and pediatric assessment.
    • Orthoview is now being successfully used in more hospitals throughout the world than any other digital planning solution.
  • Infinitt’s EMR is powered by Exscribe E-Record. Designed especially for fast paced orthopedic practices, E-Record was developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons and technology professionals. E-Record helps orthopedic physicians quickly and accurately document patient encounters, implement treatment plans, issue orders for tests, schedule surgical procedures, and generate prescriptions, referral letters, and other follow-up documentation.
    • Orthopedic practices can increase reimbursement revenue by ensuring accurate E/M coding. E-Record reduces the number of “down coded” procedures, allowing reimbursements to be maximized while assuring accurate documentation for compliance purposes. By reducing dictation, E-Record helps practices cut transcription costs and delays, increasing both documentation efficiency and practice profitability.

Key Benefits

  • INFINITT Orthopedic PACS provides access to digital images from any Internet-connected PC for any authorized viewer
  • Allows Orthopedic specialist to send images to referring physicians by Internet and to save images to CD/DVD
  • Eliminates the mess and costs associated with film processing, chemicals, file room etc. and eliminates the need to courier films
  • Powered by OrthoView™ for pre-operative planning, accurate measurement & precise template selection and more
  • Can be interfaced with other office information systems

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