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Infinitt Radiology Information System


INFINITT RIS is a web-based Radiology Information System that’s comprehensive, customizable and secure. It includes workflow-enhancing features, designed from the user’s point of view.

Why choose INFINITT RIS?

  • Integrated Database with INFINITT PACS
  • Accession through web browsers(Web based)
  • Remote Reading and transcription
  • Schedule Arrangement/Management of Patient
  • Efficiency and productivity enhancement



Patient Management

Seamless patient data gathering, order entry, patient scheduling and arrival from one screen. INFINITT RIS offers tracking tools for patient information including the patient’s medical history, demographics, exam and insurance information. Moreover, a patient’s important personal information, such as his or her closest relative, may be stored in the database.

Order & Scheduling

Advanced order functionality includes appropriate modality-specific patient questions, procedur specific prep instructions and additional patient information. From the ordering or scheduling module, RIS can capture co-pay as well as insurance authorization numbers.

Schedule Chart

A customizable schedule chart confirms information for the patient or the referring physician. INFINITT RIS advanced functionality can support a patient’s appointment scheduling through web based navigation and enables the physician access anytime, anywhere to create or review an appointment. Smart scheduling will select the first available time for the modality, or the user can view the schedule by day, week or month to find the most desirable time for the patient.

Procedure Management

INFINITT RIS enables the technologist to track, by date and time, the activity associated with a
procedure. Additionally, INFINITT RIS provides “tech notes”, a tool which allows the technologist to communicate exam-specific information to the radiologist.

  • Edit procedures, change or add
  • Add additional technologist to a procedure
  • Add supplies
Study Management

INFINITT RIS is designed to incorporate voice recognition (Speech Recognition) which can entirely eliminate transcription costs. Moreover, INFINITT RIS provides an integrated transcription solution which captures all relative patient, study and dictation information allowing the transcriptionist to be productive in house or remotely. A further advantage is that the transcriptionist cannot type a dictation into the wrong report window. User-defined templates are designed in accordance with the center’s workflows, if needed, the completed report is distributed to the referring physician through print, fax or e-mail. Reports may also be queued from batch printing.

Matching Worklist
  • Simplified images to order matching
  • Simplified exam splitting
Interpretation Worklist

Imbedded dictation functionality for seamless image reporting. Never dictate on the wrong exam again. Advanced functionality ties demographic as well as procedure into the report header, requiring the radiologist to dictate only the body of the report.

  • Option for self editing
  • Electronic signature
  • Addendums
Billing & Insurance

INFINITT RIS can be interfaced with Billing Solution Provider and is designed to be HL7 & DICOM conformant in order to transfer the data to a billing system.

Billing Worklist

Provides your billing department with entire activity related to a patient’s visit.

  • Order information
  • ICD9 coding
  • Reporting information
  • Report, image, supplies and scanned documents
Statistics & System

INFINITT RIS can generate administrative reports such as number of exam per modality, individual performance, turnaround times and waiting times, and no-shows and/or cancellations, including the reasons why.

INFINITT RIS is designed with advanced security systems to restrict access based on user level criteria.

  • Schedule information
  • Resource information
  • Procedure information
  • Referral information
  • Productivity
  • Management Reports capture statistical Productivity data regarding department activity
DICOM Worklist & HL7 Interface

INFINITT RIS provides various input devices to create records for patient’s radiology visit. An integrated HL7 interface allows for connectivity to any HL7 compliant database, including mammography, billing, dictation and transcription servers; HIS; and other information systems. PACS integration with DICOM provides accuracy, lower cost and improved efficiency.


PACS Worklist is a management system for medical DICOM images. Because of its integration, it can be launched from the RIS. Advanced security allows referring physician users to view only exams for their patients.

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated scheduling and order entry modules
  • HIPAA compliant audit trails
  • User logon & password protection
  • Data encryption for secure network transmission
  • Customizable worklists
  • Flexible report layouts
  • Intuitive & efficient User Interface (UI)
  • Supports Paper and Paperless Environments


Patient Management

Scheduling Management

Matching Worklist

Technologist Worklist

Transcription Worklist

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