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Infinitt Dental PACS

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Infinitt Dental PACS


The INFINITT web-based PACS acquires images from panoramic or cephalometric devices or intra-oral sensors and displays them on a DICOM PACS viewer. The system can be interfaced with a Hospital Information System (HIS) or Radiology Information System (RIS) and offers DICOM Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step and Storage Commitment Service. It also conforms with ISO 3950 Tooth Code, an international standard for designating teeth, surfaces of the teeth, and areas of the oral cavity.

The INFINITT viewer provides image enhancement tools and has a unique display mode for dental PACS: FMX (full mouth X-ray) mode displays patient’s total teeth position and provides a comparison function with a panoramic image. Templates help maintain the same radiographic pattern while reducing time for the arrangement of images. The system supports a local database that keeps images for at least one month, as well as a long-term electronic archive. Images can be stored uncompressed, preserving the original 12-bit raw data, or downscaled to 8-bit JPEG compressed images.


All in one Dental PACS

Full Mouth Series (FMX) mode is a unique viewing mode for diagnosis and treatment in dental applications. Provided with various useful functions, users can conveniently manage radiographic images.

- FMX mode has been designed to provide same environment for those who feel more comfortable with conventional films.  FMX14, FMX18, FMX22, Template of a same tooth image

- Automatic Slide / Template Order
Once a patient is chosen, the ordering information is automatically transferred. Template and tooth settings are automatically performed.

- Automatic Next Order
INFINITT Dental PACS automates order procedures, therefore, eliminates cumbersome setting steps.

Optimized Conformance for Dental Workflow
  • Purely DICOM compliant solution with IO equipment.
  • Convenient interface for equipment users (supporting DentigateTM).
  • Fully conformance with OCS (Order Communication System).
Integration with Cephalometric Analysis software (Vceph)
Various user-configurable settings
Supporting Pen tool for consulting with patient

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