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PACS in a Box

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EDGE PACS in a Box


All-In-One Solution: All you need

Biomedical Equipment’s PACS-in-a-BOX products are a combination of hardware and software. It is your affordable, scalable, integrated solution that combines all your needs in a single platform. They are designed to handle the needs of physician offices, clinics and small imaging centers which have one to five imaging modalities (for example, x-ray, ultrasound and CT).

Usually there is limited or no IT expertise at these facilities. In view that we have simplified the installation, training and support processes. Installation and training can easily be accomplished in less than a day and almost all on-going support is handled remotely via the Internet.

Our PACS-in-a-BOX solutions can be interconnected to Electronic Medical Records systems (EMR) and/or scheduling and billing systems.



A full-fledged, multi-modality, ‘plug-and-play’ PACS solution

EDGE PACS in a Box is a combination of powerful archiving software, Web-based DICOM viewer, intelligent ruled based DICOM router, DICOM printing and DICOM to CD software.

Our solution provides a system comparable to a hospital enterprise system, but at a very affordable price.

Scalable Solution

EDGE PACS in a Box is a scalable platform to grow as your business grows all the way up to multi-terabytes of storage.


Latest Proven technology
Open Architecture
Modern, modular and expandable.
Supports Hierarchical Storage Management

Integration & Interoperability

DICOM and HL7 compliant solution
Integration with existing HIS/RIS through HL7 broker

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates film
  • Plug and Play solution: Simply connects to your network and starts receiving studies from your modalities.
  • There is no expensive installation or IT expertise required and no down time in operations.
  • 100% Web-Based: Access patient images from anywhere through internet explorer
  • Scalable - Configurable to your current needs and adapts to future requirements
  • Integration with existing HIS/RIS through HL7 broker
  • Open architecture – Connect to DICOM based components from other vendors
  • Reliable: RAID Redundancy hardware and Built-in Backup/Restore to Media

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