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Paper to DICOM

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PhoeniX Paper to DICOM


Do you have a PACS system with web distribution and no RIS? Use PhoeniX to scan radiology and non-radiology reports, referral notes, case sheets, etc. and add them to the imaging study. You can then view them from within your PACS.

How does it work?

  • Add new patient or select a patient by querying from a DICOM server or Worklist server.
  • Scan documents.
  • Send to PACS.

Done! The document is now matched with the appropriate study


  • Easily Scan Images and Documents.
  • Installs on any standard PC connected to the RIS/PACS network.
  • Support for any Twain Scanner, camera or any twain compliant device.
  • Several manipulation tools: Rotate, Flip, Negative, Crop, Sharpen, Smooth, Brightness, Contrast, Edge Detection, Emboss, Gamma, Convert to Gray, Format Conversion and Resize.
  • Import JPEG, BMP images & from CD/USB storage device
  • Write DICOM data to CD/DVD with an embedded viewer

Key Benefits

  • Economical.
  • Eliminates paper.
  • Easily scan documents and create electronic forms from any department to any PACS/EHR.
  • Improves workflow and provides easy access to important clinical documentation such as reports, referral notes, case sheets and order information.
  • View patient documents side by side with DICOM images.
  • Compatible with any PACS system.

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