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Radlink CR Pro 2100

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Radlink CR Pro 2100


The CR Pro™ is a high-productivity, small footprint, 16 bit CR system designed for all primary diagnostic radiology applications. The CR Pro™ is fully automatic and accepts a variety of cassette sizes.

Utilizing Radlink’s “sealed Fiber-Optic laser technology” (patent pending), the CR Pro delivers high-resolution, and diagnostic-quality images. The equipment requires little or no internal calibration or adjustment during its service life. The CR Pro is a system solution with imbedded CPU and complete image acquisition, storage, and Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) 3.0. Due to its very low cost, the solution is available to a larger customer population. The system also provides a rich set of application options such as DICOM print, Modality Worklist, CD burning, DICOM compliant image compression and image processing.



Advanced Image Plate Handling Technology
To maximize the useful life of costly image plates, the CR Pro is designed as a cassette-based system. The operator never risks causing damage by handling the image plate. To further maximize service life, the image plate is mounted on a rigid substrate and is never bent or touched in any way by the feed mechanism.
Consistent Image Accuracy
The 16 bit sealed fiber-optic laser technology of the CR Pro™ provides consistent excellent image quality and minimal need for field service. The CR Pro™ cost of ownership is superior to competitive products in the market.
Integrated System
The CR Pro™ includes an embedded CPU for image acquisition and QC functions, DICOM Print, Modality Image Routing, Worklist, Local Archive (80 GB), CD Burner, and flat panel display. Installation and training for the integrated solution can be completed in one day.
The solution is simple and will fit into any workflow environment — whether stand alone, PACS or Teleradiology.
System Mobility
The sealed fiber-optic laser technology allows the CR Pro™ to be designed as stand-alone, console-based unit on wheels that can easily be moved if necessary.
Pro Imaging™ Integrated Acquisition, Quality Control, Post Processing, and Distribution Software Our Pro Imaging™ Acquisition software for the CR Pro™ imaging device enables the acquisition of filmed images from your medical enterprise, provides quality control and post-processing functions, and enables the distribution and routing of DICOM images throughout your medical enterprise. Radlink Pro Imaging applications are user friendly and intuitive — a workflow-driven GUI that quickly and easily guides your clinician through the workflow process. Pro Imaging™ also provides a comprehensive suite of DICOM image transmission and image management features.
Modality Worklist
Modality Worklist provides direct access to patient information contained in your HIS/RIS database. By using this information to automatically populate the fields in the GUI, operator input errors are minimized and productivity is greatly enhanced. Your clinician can simply access your PACS database and automatically insert the patient information, scan and send.
Print digital images directly to a DICOM laser or Postscript printer.
CD Burning
Digitized film images and multimodality studies can be burned to CD. Since the Radlink CD Burning application uses DICOM Part 10 format, you have confidence that the CD can be easily loaded onto any DICOM compliant PACS, Teleradiology or Image viewing system.


Supported Plate Sizes
10” x 12“
14” x 17“
Grayscale Resolution
16 bits per pixel image acquisition
2800 pixels per scan line
125 micron dot size
8 pixels/mm
10” x 12“ - 51 plates/hr
14” x 17“ - 40 plates/hr
Digitizer Type
Cassette Loader, Auto Erase
Integrated Software
Image Acquisition
Preview Images
Image Post Processing
Image Manipulation
DICOM 3.0 Image Routing and Transmission
DICOM Modality Worklist
DICOM part 10 CD Burner
Embedded CPU
Intel Pentium 2GHz or equivalent processor
250GB hard disk
512 MB memory
1024 x 768 Display at 16-bit
10/100 BASE Ethernet
USB 2.0
Windows XP Operating System
Physical Specifications
CR Type
Console, Portable
26.5” (w) x 21” (d) x 42” (h)
without monitor
3.86 Sq. Ft.
98 lbs.
Output devices
DICOM Printer
Postscript Printer
CD Writer
Radlink Pro Imaging™ Image Archive
Integration and Configuration
User installable system
Automated Wizard
User-friendly automated installation
Host configuration utility with multiple host designation routing features enables image
broadcast communication
Compliance and Compatibility
Windows and USB compliant
DICOM compliance enables
simple integration into your
PACS or Teleradiology system
Radlink DICOM software
facilitates seamless acquisition,
distribution and viewing
of images with any DICOM
compliant viewer
Image Acquire configurable to
any LAN or IP address
Image broadcast supports
multiple routing scenarios
100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Local Image Archive
2 – 250GB Disks - mirrored
Radlink Pro Imaging™ Image

Key Benefits

Immediate Retrofit System. You can use your existing X-Ray machine.
Cost. Computer Radiography does not require any film, film developers or processors, chemicals, darkroom, film storage or and any disposal expenses.
Time. Going digital saves your time drastically. Since there is no waiting time to complete X-Ray film processing, you can start diagnosis right on the spot or retake X-Rays without waiting your time or your staff.
Storage.Digitization of radiography reduces the storage space.
Management. Patient images and information can be easily found. Now you don’t have to go through endless stacks of film.
Sharing/Networking. Digital images can be simultaneously shared through your network or recorded on CD/DVD. They also can be sent to radiologists or other specialists for rapid treatment advice.

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