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Sonosite 180 Plus

With the development of the 180PLUS™, SonoSite defi ned the hand-carried ultrasound system. With high image quality, advanced diagnostic capabilities and ease of use, the mobile and durable 180PLUS system is designed for ultrasound at the point of care.

Lightweight and flexible, the SonoSite 180PLUS gives you the ability to take the advanced diagnostics of our legendary ultrasound to the patient—all in-hand.

Sonosite Titan

The SonoSite TITAN® is a high-resolution modular ultrasound solution. It provides health care professionals with state of the art high-resolution imaging wherever needed for responsive, rapid patient care. The TITAN system's modular design includes three major benefits:

Stationary and mobile usage Point-of-care connectivity Flexible, cost-effective paths that enable users to acquire new components and software applications.


• Anesthesia • Cardiology • Emergency Medicine • OB/GYN • Preventive Cardiology
• Radiology • Surgery • Vascular

Sonosite MicroMAXX

This laptop-sized, durable unit represents the technology crossover point between hand-carried ultrasound and larger, high-performance, cart-based systems.

Big machine performance in a hand-carried unit.

MicroMaxx's purpose-built software and proprietary ASIC design yields high-quality images with speed and reliability while efficiently operating on either AC or battery power.

MicroMaxx goes anywhere you need it.

From busy offices and big-city hospitals to critical-care situations where seconds count, the SonoSite MicroMaxx™ system boots up quickly, from "off" to scanning in under 15 seconds. This easily carried device gets medical professionals into-and out of-tight spaces fast.

Embedded software means solid reliability.

The MicroMaxx™ system software is hard-wired and purpose-built for faster boot-up times, faster digital image processing and the ability to run for a long time. Power is efficiently used, extending battery life for use wherever needed.


• Anesthesiology • Cardiology • Critical Care • Emergency Medicine • Musculoskeletal
• Neurology • Obstetrics/Gynecology • Preventive Cardiology • Radiology • Surgery • Vascular • Vein Care

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