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Stream Modality Worklist Server with Scheduler (Micro RIS)

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Stream Modality Worklist Server with Scheduler (Micro RIS)


Stream scheduler is a web-based cost effective micro RIS that is designed to streamline and improve the workflow of a Radiology environment.

As a web-enabled system, Stream Scheduler allows users to provide better patient management by maximizing modality utilization and minimizing operator error.

It also seamlessly integrates with an existing Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), PACS, etc., using a HL7 interface.


Patient Schedule Manager
  • Easy drag & drop appointment creation.
  • Sort schedule based on no. of days (next day, next two days, etc.), modality, AE title and performing physicians.
  • Search available time slots before scheduling.
  • Color coded UI for patient appointment/patient arrived
  • Easily change/cancel patient appointment
Patient Information Management
  • Patient details includes patient ID, name, address, sex, age, contact info, etc
  • Patient ID is customizable to each imaging facility
  • Gender based validation of study data. Eg: User will not be allowed to select Obstetrics study for a male patient
  • Sort patient info based patient ID or patient name
  • Search patient based on ID, name, study type, date, referring physician, etc.
Patient Worklist Manager
  • Automatically generates worklist for arrived patients (to modality)
  • Start, end or cancel exams in the worklist
  • Sort worklist based on modality, AE title (for modalities in multiple locations. E.g.: CT in room 1, CT in room 2, etc.)
  • Color coded UI for arrived patients, exams in progress, completed exams and cancelled exams.
  • Add patient notes including history and allergies.
Reporting Module
  • Notepad reporting tool
  • DICOM worklist server
  • Optional HL7 interface to HIS/EMR/PMS
  • Optional HL7 connectivity to billing system
User Management
  • Add/Manage multiple users with username/password
  • Define the role of each user as doctor, performing doctor, technician and administrator
  • Prevent multiple users scheduling exams at the same time
Admin Settings
  • Set availability for each AE title and Doctor
  • Pre stored and customizable modality list, study list and body parts list
  • Pre stored and customizable procedure codes for each modality

Key Benefits

  • Web-Based – It can be accessed from anywhere
  • Increase outpatient ratio – Instant retrieval of patient study
    information at the modality end reducing patient scan time.
  • Eliminate errors – Avoid costly human errors and mix-ups by avoiding re-entry of patient study data.
  • Easy to use – It functions as a front office application and patient study data can be entered by anybody without any training.
  • Quick ROI – With physicians/Technicians not having to manually enter study information at the modality, they can perform more number of studies at each modality with extra time available.


Scheduling Cart

Patient Database



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