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Stream Modality Worklist Server

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Stream Modality Worklist Server


The Worklist Generator with a smooth flow…..
STREAM is a simple to use modality worklist server that streamlines flow of patient study information avoiding costly data entry errors and saving precious physician time. Stream automates the data entry process without needing to buy an expensive RIS and is an essential component to an efficient imaging facility.

Step 1: Add new patient/study and enter study information including study date, modality, study type, referral doctor, etc.

Step 2: At the modality end, the physician/technician uses the modality console to retrieve the scheduled studies for that day from the Stream worklist server before performing the scan.


  • Auto generate patient ID – Customizable to each imaging facility
  • Track patient visits and scans for different modalities
  • Compatible with any DICOM modality that supports worklist query
  • Schedule patient studies
  • Compatible with DICOM converters for non-DICOM modalities, that support querying from a worklist server
  • Location indicator for multiple modalities. E.g.: CT in room1, CT in room 2, etc.
  • Gender based validation of study data. E.g.: User will not be allowed to select Obstetrics study for a male patient
  • Easy data re-mapping through multiple search options
  • Security logs for tracking errors

Key Benefits

  • Increase outpatient ratio – Instant retrieval of patient study
    information at the modality end reducing patient scan time.
  • Eliminate errors – Avoid costly human errors and mix-ups by avoiding re-entry of patient study data.
  • Easy to use – It functions as a front office application and patient study data can be entered by anybody without any training.
  • Quick ROI – With physicians/Technicians not having to manually enter study information at the modality, they can perform more number of studies at each modality with extra time available.


Main Screen

New Patient Entry

Study List

Modality List

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