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Veterinary DR System

In recent veterinary practice, Digital Radiography (DR) is rapidly becoming the new standard to replace the traditional film-based x-ray technology.

The VXR system provides your practice with instant high quality digital images of companion animals, eliminating the need for your darkroom, processor, chemicals and film, while minimizing labor costs and time. The GXR high frequency X-ray generator features excellent accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability. Fast kV rising time minimize unnecessary patient dose, and supply superior image quality. a direct connection to external workstations both in Windows® and DICOM environments.

The digital image receptor and imaging software of VXR system allows you to digitally enhance and annotate images, provides on-screen measurements and transmits images for referrals and consultations. VXR system comes complete with the Digital Imaging Receptor, X-Ray Table, computer workstation and a full software package. Learn More….

Veterinary - Computed Radiography

Our Veterinary CRs (Computed Radiography Systems) work with your existing X-Ray equipment to generate digital images, eliminating the need for darkroom, processor, chemicals or film. Learn More…

Veterinary PACS

Biomedical Equipment’s Veterinary PACS-in-a-BOX products are a combination of hardware and software. An affordable, scalable, integrated solution that combines all your needs in a single platform. Learn More…

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ideally packaged for animal veterinary applications, SonoVET PICO Features color and power Doppler, Freehand 3D and cardiac imaging capabilities. And thanks to its compact design, it is designed to be with you wherever there is a power outlet. SONOVET PICO will provide you with optimal coverage in all fields of small animal veterinary.

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