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Xelis Dental Implant

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Xelis Dental Implant


Xelis Dental is a dental implant simulation software for dentist and Implantologists. It helps dental practitioners to plan and practice their surgery in advance so they can reduce the risks which can happen during real surgery.

It aids in ideally positioning the implant in 2D and 3D, measure bone density, arch creation and many other powerful functions. It can also be used as an educational tool to visually communicate the preoperative plan to patients.


Precise Anatomical Information
  • Various MPR Functions
    • Rotating-Axes
    • Oblique-MPR
    • Cross Sectional
    • General Curve
  • Cross-Sectional View for fast analysis
  • Full color mapped visualization
  • High-Quality MPR, MIP, MinIP, XRay, VR images
  • Distance and angle measurement (2D/3D ruler)
Optimize Treatment Planning
  • Nerve Canal drawing
  • Real implant models
  • Select the most suitable implant size and type
  • Various implant libraries (Schematic-import/export)
  • True 3D planning, involving realistic implants and views inside the bone
Enhance Productivity
  • Easy assessment of the bone density
  • Improved communication between patient and doctor
  • Save Job to store work in progress
  • Provides report, DICOM print and CD burning

Key Benefits

  • Precise anatomical information of all oral and maxillofacial structures
  • Optimize treatment planning for implant
  • Accurate information to decrease invasive surgery and surgical time
  • Surgical predictability of dental implant
  • Enables trust building communication between patient and professional

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