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LU700C Convex

*Also for: Cardiology, Vascular Access

-Whole-body scanning
-Impressive image quality
-Auto-measurement for obstetrics
-Wireless connection

-4 hours battery life
-B mode
-M mode
-Color doppler
-Power doppler
-Auto-measurement tool
-Real-time update through App
-1 year warranty

-Frequency Bandwidth 2.0 - 5.0 MHz
-Depth 18 cm
-Radius of Curvature 60 mm
-Field of View 60゜
-Clinical Applications Abdomen, Abdomen Difficult, Renal, GYN, OB Mid Late, OB Early, Spleen, Bladder Meas., FAST
-Display Mode B mode, M mode, Color Doppler*, Power Doppler*, Pulsed Wave*
-Dimensions 187 × 74 × 40 mm
-Weight 388 g

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Modality: Wireless Ultrasound Scanner
Specialty: Ultrasound
Manufacturer: Leltek