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New Biomedical Equipment Corp website launched

março 01, 2023

Biomedical Equipment Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of our new website, which can be found at

We invite you to visit our website regularly for the latest news on Biomedical Equipment products, services, trade shows and upcoming events or to access Customer Support.

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Accepting Crypto payments

março 02, 2023

Biomedical Equipment Corp. is now accepting Crypto payments through Plisio, a respected cryptocurrency payment processor.

We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our services.We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay for equipment and services with the method they prefer.

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New 30.5-Inch, 8 Megapixel Medical Monitor with USB Type-C Docking for Off-Site or Home Teleradiology and Pathology

agosto 01, 2023

The RadiForce MX317W is the successor model to the MX315W. It retains the high performance and rich features of its predecessor, including DICOM® Part 14 compliance so gradations remain consistent in monochrome medical images such as chest X-ray, CT, or MRI. The monitor also supports color display for reviewing images used in endoscopy, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. This provides flexibility for displaying and reviewing data from various modalities.

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EIZO Launches Its First 4K Medical Recorder for Archiving Video of Endoscopy, Microsurgery, and Other High-Precision Procedures

dezembro 09, 2023

The EIZO MIR-1 can natively record video at 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), as well as scale down to Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The BNC (12G-SDI) and HDMI® video input connectors support 4K UHD video signals at 60 frames per second for high-quality video from various imaging modalities. It can also capture and store still images in addition to video.

The MIR-1 is equipped with a high-speed SSD (solid state drive) that is highly robust and resistant to vibration and shock. With a large capacity of 2 terabytes, up to 175 hours of 4K video or 885 hours of Full HD video can be stored in its internal memory*.

The MIR-1 supports the H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) compression standards. H.264 offers a wide range of compatibility with devices and browsers, and H.265 is a newer standard that offers higher compression rates without sacrificing image quality. Operators can select the compression standard based on the playback or streaming needs of the recorded surgical video.

Two USB 5Gbps ports on the front allow operators to record to external media, such as a USB HDD (hard disk drive) or portable USB SSD, in addition to the internal storage. The MIR-1 also allows data transfer from internal storage to external media. This is useful for reviewing the video in conference rooms or editing for educational use or other purposes.

Details for each recorded surgical procedure, such as patient name and ID, can be registered to the MIR-1 for organized management of video files. The MIR-1 can also register patient ID information from barcode readers.

A recording indicator on the front panel allows the operator to confirm at a glance that the surgical procedure is being recorded. In addition, when used with EIZO’s CuratOR EX-Series of surgical monitors, the MIR-1’s recording status can be displayed on the monitor, allowing the surgeon to check it without looking away from the screen.

The CuratOR MIR-1, when used in conjunction with EIZO’s CuratOR SC430-PTR surgical field camera and EX-Series surgical monitors, provides hospitals with a complete solution for visualization in the OR. This “Imaging Chain” provides high quality and reliable capture, display, and recording of surgical procedures.

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EIZO Releases Its First Large Screen 4K UHD Monitor with 3D Image Display for Endoscopy and the Operating Room

In the OR, large screen monitors are typically mounted on the wall or attached to ceiling fixtures due to their size and weight. The EX4342-3D’s weight of only 17.6 kg and VESA standard compliance allow it to be mounted directly on medical carts, providing flexible installation options to suit the target environment.

The EX4342-3D’s resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times that of Full HD, allows medical personnel to view images from endoscopes and surgical microscopes on a larger screen area, while maintaining the depth of detail provided by the 4K resolution. The EX4342-3D achieves a flicker-free 3D image display even at low frame rates. This facilitates focused viewing that is easy on the surgeon’s eyes.

During procedures, operating surgeons need to be able to clearly distinguish between different shades of color. The EX4342-3D supports the 4K video standard BT.2020 to ensure that subtle nuances between reds and yellows captured by a BT.2020 compatible camera are discernible on the screen.

The EX4342-3D supports various video input and output signals. Via BNC (12G-SDI), DisplayPort or HDMI, images of different modalities can be transmitted in up to 4K UHD at 60 frames per second with a single cable. The BNC (12G-SDI) connection also provides stable transmission even over a distance of 30 meters.

Additional Features
High maximum brightness level of 700 cd/m2, high contrast ratio of 1000:1
HDR (High Dynamic Range) with HLG and PQ gamma settings
Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture for simultaneous display of two signal sources
Auto Input function for automatic switching to another signal input when the selected input signal is no longer detected
IP45 (front) and IP32 (whole monitor) for protection against foreign objects and splash water.

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