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Screening for breast cancer is extremely essential for women, and early breast cancer detection may assist women in spotting any abnormalities that may point to the presence of cancer in the breast. Mammography testing, often known as mammogram screening, is widely considered to be among the most reliable approaches.

Full Field Digital Mammography

Full field digital mammography, also known as "digital mammography," is a type of mammography that replaces the x-ray film that is traditionally used in screen-film mammography with solid-state detectors, which are able to convert x-rays into electrical signals. This type of mammography system is also known as "digital mammography." Electrical signals are utilized to create images of the breast, which may be viewed on a computer screen or printed on specialized films to look like screen-film mammograms. These images can also be viewed and interpreted by a medical professional.

FFDM is distinct from traditional mammography in that it enables radiologists to alter images in a way that simplifies the process of concentrating on and assessing potentially problematic areas.

Digital Mammography Retrofit Solution

Our Mammography retrofit solutions breathe new life into analog mammography devices, extending their useful lifespan significantly. When a more affordable and less complicated upgrade is now available, it is no longer required to purchase pricey digital mammography devices. Your outdated analog system can now be readily turned into a cutting-edge digital system without requiring any modifications to the system's underlying architecture.