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The Advantages of Long Length DR Detectors

Why use Full Spine Detectors?

Long length DR detectors have revolutionized the field of radiography, offering numerous benefits over traditional imaging technologies. These advanced detectors provide high-quality digital images that are essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Long-length image capture is laborious and time-consuming, particularly for young patients and individuals with restricted mobility. The conventional multi-shot method necessitates three to five exposures, after which the images are manipulated and stitched together while Long Length DR detectors have the ability to capture images of extended anatomical regions in a single shot.

The full spine detector allows obtaining a unified image in less than a minute with a single exposure, which results in less radiation to the patient and the radiographer. By performing a single shot it saves time and minimizes the time needed to perform the exam, therefore the patient's wait, which translates into obtaining a more accurate diagnosis.

The iRay Venu1748V Long Length DR detector can be wireless or tethered. The wireless option eliminates trip hazards in the OR and minimizes the risk of contamination. The Detector has a Cesium (CsI) scintillator for better dose efficiency. It can be installed in existing rooms as a retrofit or as part of a completely new X-ray room, provided that the size of the room allows it.

iRay Venu 1748V Long Length DR Detector

These advanced technologies offer clear advantages in terms of image quality, patient comfort, and diagnostic accuracy, making them a valuable asset in modern healthcare settings.

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