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Flexi Holder

Flexi•holder® significantly reduces retakes caused by improper cassette positioning. It permits smoother scheduling and superior radiographs– saving film, time and labor for cost effective radiographic procedures.

The free-standing model features an extra wide base for maximum stability. It allows accurate radiographs to be taken from virtually any angle from floor level to 71 in + (180 cm) high. It rolls into position on large, locking casters and tilts the cassette 180˚ facing straight up, down or anywhere in between. Free-standing and tabletop models accept virtually all cassettes.

Eliminates Retakes

-Helps eliminate retakes caused by improper cassette positioning.
-Replaces inefficient sandbags and other "make-shift" holders.
-Versatile Savings
-Saves time and labor for smoother scheduling and superior radiographs.
-Saves film and reduces radiation exposure due to minimal retakes.
-Minimizes patient assistance and discomfort in positioning.

Flexible Arm Movement

-Radiographs can be taken from any angle from floor level to 71” (180 cm).
-Tilts cassette 180° facing straight up, straight down or anywhere in between.
-Rotates cassette 360° clockwise or counterclockwise.
-Arm rotates 360° on vertical column.
-Arm telescopes 26” (66 cm) over the X-ray or operating room table.
-Arm assembly is counterweighted for easy raising or lowering.
-Optional 36” (91 cm) arm available.

Very Stable, Compact Design

-Rolls into position on large, locking casters for stable positioning.
-19” x 22” x 75” (48 x 56 x 191 cm).
-110 lbs. (50 kg)
-Convenient Ratchet Handles
-Ratchet handles can be repositioned easily to help eliminate interference problems when positioning cassettes.

Accepts All Cassettes

-Accepts virtually all cassettes and does not obscure cassette film area.
-One Hand Operation
-A lip on the cassette holder enables the cassette to be inserted with one hand, if necessary.

Accurate Calibration Scales

-Column and arm calibration scales provide
exact, repeatable angulation.

Diagnostic Applications

-Three-way studies of acute abdomens.
-Fractures where patient is immobilized.
-Lateral decubitus fluid level studies of
abdomen and chest.
-Operating room radiography.

Therapeutic Applications

-Radiation therapy verification films
(portal films).
-Localization for tangential breast, isocentric
or oblique fields.
-Simulation without fluoroscopy.
-Implant source localization by
orthogonal films.

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