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GE Vivid iq

Vivid iq delivers a combination of portability and power which fits perfectly with your needs

Vivid iq is a compact, yet powerful cardiovascular ultrasound. Carry it under your arm or push it on your cart with a multi-connector. The system additionally provides probes for all cases: from the echo laboratory to the OR, or from the hospital to a home visit.

Echo for adults, interventions, intensive care unit, emergency room, pediatrics … and in the practice of office-based doctors.

-Portable: 10% lighter, 10% thinner than the previous model
-Reliable: Robust, cleanable design
-Easy to use: Intuitive touchscreen and fewer keystrokes
-Convenient: Simple to use new cart for better management of -accessories
-Advanced: 4D TEE, ICE and other powerful technologies

-Lightweight – 10% lighter and 10% thinner than the previous model
-Closed design – enables splash-protected cleaning and disinfection (refer to the user manual)
-Portable – up to 1-hour battery operation (fully charged) – Smart Standby

The newly designed cart was created to protect the Vivid iq console during transportation. The cart also enables a much better viewing angle with the increased height adjustments for scanning while standing or sitting.
-Battery pack (up to 3 hours if fully charged)
-4 probe ports

-11 + (5) ICE2
-Broad selection

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Modality: Ultrasound Solutions
Specialty: Cardiology
Manufacturer: GE HEALTHCARE