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Lanmage Keen Ray DR50M

Portable Digital X-Ray System

-Ease of transportation : The Keen Ray DR50M is quite light , with a storage box , which makes it easy-to-be-transported.
-Flexible application : The Keen Ray DR50M is flexible and convenient for use , which to maximized meet various of applied occasions and physical positions.
-Simple Design : The Keen Ray DR50M is designed for simple assemblage , which includes a portable stand with four universal wheels and a suspension assembly head.
-Small Occupied Space : The area used and the and the size of X-RAY system are pretty small , which is idealized for storage.
-Interactive Design : 10” touch screen with multiple APR can better your using experience.

-5.1KW rated power
-Light weight design
-Foldable arm suitable for X-ray in vehicle, patient house, outside area ets.
-User-friendly workstation with 15 inch LCD touch screen
-Advanced APR function
-Advanced Flat Panel technology-Amorphous Silicon
-Fast bedside imaging
-Automatic image processing
-Multiple peripheries including USB, DICOM and burning CD
-Cutting-edge image quality

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Modality: X-Ray
Specialty: Veterinary
Manufacturer: Lanmage