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MyVet Ray W

The new generation intraoral x-ray imaging system creates a more sophiscated clinical atmosphere

Weight Innovation
-Weight innovation with CNT (Carbon Nanotube) technology
-Smart angulation for optimal result
-Secure clear images with a 0.4 mm focal spot
-Lightweight tube head
-Ergonomic, easy-grip handle

Obtain high quality diagnostic images
-With a 0.4mm focal spot, MyVet Ray W provides high resolution images for more exact diagnoses when acquiring maximum image information with the smallest focal spot technology

Horizontal arm length options
-18 in, 450 mm
-24 in, 600 mm
-35 in, 900 mm

Animal comfort
-Easy to position tube head with one-hand control results in reduced time.
-Lower exposure levels required for animal during an dental imaging procedure.

-Focal Spot - 0.4 mm
-Tube Voltage - 65 kV
-Current - 3.0 mA
-Exposure Time Range - 0.05 - .05 s
-Source to Skin Distance - 7.9 in minimum
-Arm Length (max.) - 78 in, 90 in, 110 in (dependent on arm length)
-Weight - 36 lbs, 37 lbs, 40 lbs (dependent on arm length)

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Modality: X-Ray
Specialty: Veterinary
Manufacturer: myvet imaging