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RadiForce LL580W

The 58 inch viewing area of LS580W enables a new dimension in medical imaging allowing high flexibility in arranging different screen layouts. Important pictures can be scaled to the desired size, less important information can be moved out of the focus. The LS580W supports life time luminance stability. Its tone curves match DICOM/CIE recommendations. The monitor can be mounted to ceiling suspensions and is ideal for operating rooms where multiple medical images need to be displayed simultaneously.

58-inch LCD module with 8 megapixel (4K ultra HD) resolution.
Environmentally-friendly LED backlight offering a brightness of 700 cd/m².
Redundant components architecture for a high degree of operational reliability.
Factory-adjusted grayscale tones to meet DICOM Part 14 standard for optimum display of medical DICOM images.
5 user-selectable 11-bit look-up tables enable accurate viewing of any type of medical image.
Homogeneous brightness uniformity across the entire screen.

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Modality: Medical Displays
Specialty: Surgery
Manufacturer: Eizo