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Sonoscape E3V

The SonoScape E3V color Doppler veterinary diagnostic ultrasound system has an integrated design form SonoScape's innovation technology. Combines unsurpassed image quality, ease-of-use and affordability packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages, E Series veterinary can provide care for all types of animals ranging from companion pet to large livestock animals to accomplish all of your needs. It improves the veterinarian's daily examination.

User Friendly Designs
-15.6-inch HD monitor
-Quick boot-up time
-Quiet system
-Inclinable monitor and intuitive panel
-Water-proof protective film
-Versatile type of interface

Full-Featured Technologies
-Spatial Compound Imaging
-SR-Flow Imaging
-Multi-beam Technology
-Auto Trace (Automatic calculation)
-Prospective and retrospective storage
-Widescan for both linear and convex probes
-M-Turning (Automated parameter adjustment)

Veterinary Preset System
Provide solution for veterinarian's daily scanning, cover a wide range of animals and clinical environments, E Series veterinary support versatile exam modes, with associated measurement, annotation and report system.

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Modality: Ultrasound Solutions
Specialty: Veterinary
Manufacturer: Sonoscape