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Sonoscape ProPet 80

ProPet 80, the premium veterinary ultrasound imaging system, adopts the most cutting-edge ultrasound technology to deliver quick diagnostic information, advanced functionality and an ergonomic system to tackle the rising number of challenging cases and ever-increasing diversified demands for veterinary practice on all fronts. It is indeed worth considering if you need a hospital-based machine capable of high end ultrasonography.

-The ProPet 80 features a 23.8" full HD LED display, delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition
-13.3" anti-glare and anti-fingerprints touch screen with 15 degree rotation
-To provide a reassuring guard way for probe, reduce the clean time for probe, and also improve the life time of probe
-Power management with battery supporting 2 hours continuous scanning per charge in case of power failure
-To save clinicians valuable time and energy by relieving the trouble of changing transducers frequently

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Modality: Ultrasound Solutions
Specialty: Veterinary
Manufacturer: Sonoscape